Roseville Man Known For Christmas Display In Coma After Fall While Taking Down Lights

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ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville man known for his love to light up his neighborhood during the holidays is in a coma after falling while taking down his Christmas lights.

Just a few weeks ago, CBS13 featured his uncle’s home on the 12 Daves of Christmas.


This is more than a story about a man who impressed people with Christmas lights. Rob Cooper is a man who’s done a lot for his community. And now his neighbors are trying to give back to a man who gave so much.

For the past few years, Rob Cooper’s Roseville home on Twinwood Loop has made it on the 12 Daves of Christmas. It’s an elaborate light show that he would work on for month.

Aaron Popp’s uncle has decorated his home for years. It’s a tradition that started when he was just 5 with his dad, and continued when he passed away.

“That’s what he looked forward to every year,” Popp said.

But on Saturday, while removing his lights, Rob took a tumble from his roof.

Rob’s neighbor Shannon Pierce was just feet away when it happened.

“I just started screaming help me please somebody help me,” she said.

Doctors removed part of Rob’s skull to relieve pressure on his swollen brain. He also has broken ribs and a shattered shoulder.

But Rob’s holiday lights were more than just a show. He’d also collect food for the Placer County Food Bank from people passing by. Sometimes people driving by would offer cash to help pay for his electric bill. He would take that money and send it to the food bank.

Now his neighbors are uniting to help a man who gave back to the community and hoping Rob is back at the end of the year, doing what he loves to do so much.

“I know he’s one of those fighters who’s going to come out you know swinging,” Pierce said.


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